Walking Dead, just why?

Nov 5

Ok it's taken me 2 days to figure out how I feel about the most recent Walking Dead cop-out.
I have had mixed feelings about this show ever since Glenn hid under that dumpster. As an avid comic reader, I knew in the back of my head that he could NOT be dead - we needed him to die at the hands of Negan so the rest of Something to Fear could conclude, and introduce All Out War. These are 2 very important story arcs for the series, and not something I thought the producers would mess with.
But when Glenn went under that dumpster at the end of episode 3 during season 6, I really thought he was a goner. I was swearing to anyone who would listen that I will NOT be watching any more TWD if Glenn dies under that dumpster. And you remember how this episode ended, right? See below:
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Anyway, I digress. My point is that more than once the show has attempted to jump the shark, and I just don't understand why. The comic book fans are watching to see their comic book come to life, and the non-comic book fans don't know what's supposed to happen anyway, So why not stick to the source material? 
And now, the ultimate betrayal. "Rick Grimes' Last Episode," what a cry for help. 
Jon has been telling me for weeks that AMC has plans for feature length movies, and he had been saying "you watch, he won't die, and they'll do a 'Rick Grimes - After Alexandria' movie," to which I said "PSHAW silly, no one cares about Rick Grimes, and Andrew Lincoln has said he wants to be done with it so he can have more family time, so YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW," which was met with hours and hours of "I told you so" on Sunday night. 
So now, here we are again. Veering so off course from the source material that it's basically a different show. Some fans like that, I am personally not a fan. If I wanted a show that is kind of like the Walking Dead comic, I'd be watching Fear The Walking Dead. And I am not. Have y'all seen it? It's terrible. Although, to be fair, I have heard from multiple people that this most recent season (season 4 maybe?) is better than the rest. I am not willing to chance it, as the first season and a half that we watched was like watching school and news have a baby (extra credit if you know who I stole that from).
It's not so much the fact that the show is veering off course, as it is that Jon was right and I was wrong. I took you at your word, Andy Lincoln (that's what I'd call him if we were BFF's). I was tricked, and because of this I have heard about how right Jon was literally 25 times in the last 48 hours. How could you do this to me?
So as I sit here, I am interested to hear from you guys - are you a TWD comic book fan that is also fed up? Are you a TWD comic fan who is excited to see where this all goes? Or are you a fan of just the AMC series, and couldn't care less about this recent veering from the source? Comment below and let us know (any pro-Jon being right comments will be deleted before he can see them).


  • sam on 11/6/2018 12:37:56 PM

    Ha Jon always knows

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