Star Wars Cantina Mystery Carton

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This Carton is one of our favorites. Featuring an awesome Star Wars comic (randomly selected), sweet cookies, and rich coffee, how can you go wrong?
Each Carton contains:
AT LEAST 6 Star Wars themed Cantina Cookies
(1) Star Wars Mystery Surprise!
   this could include chocolate Han in Carbonite, Gummy R2D2's, or Blue Milk (really).
(1) Star Wars Comic (randomly selected)
(2) Awesome coffees from far away lands (like Dagobah, Alderaan, or Hong Kong)
Get yours soon, they won't last forever!
*Sorry, due to temperature restrictions, we can no longer ship to Hoth

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Star Wars Cantina Mystery Carton
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5 of 5 stars star wars #1

Got a nice star wars #1 in my mystery box, thanks

By: Jon Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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