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Yes, one bite will seriously nourish you for an entire days march across Mordor. Unfortunately, the magic only works on hobbits. So to prove us wrong you have to find a hobbit. And if you find a hobbit, we are going to need to see that.
For regular Secondborn folk (or "humans," if you're not elvish), this tasty treat will certainly provide some healthy protein energy. Packed full of apples, almonds, and sunflower seeds, with just a touch of honey and cinnamon, these Lembas will at least sustain you between breakfast and second breakfast.
We ship our Lembas individually wrapped, secured in a Mallorn leaf, and tied with raffia. These are perfect for gift giving and freeze well for up to 6 months!
Please note, "Lembas" is elvish for "bread." If you say "Lembas bread," you are actually saying "bread bread," and that's just silly. Say it correctly or turn in your nerd flag!
Sold in packs of 6

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wow. we ordered these for some stocking stuffers and just wow. they really come wrapped in a mallorn leaf. the flavors are so good. apple cinnamon with honey and almonds. i am excited just thinking about them. thank you so much, our friends thought we were the coolest gift givers ever!

By: Joe M Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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