All Comic Books and Cookies

Hey Kids! Cookies! Comics! Coffee!
Ask anyone who knows us and they'll tell you that we at the Cantina have 3 favorite things: Cookies, Comics, and Coffee. Not always in that order. Now you can get your own Cantina Carton, with all of the awesome you'd expect packed into one convenient monthly delivery.
Wait, you don't want to commit? No worries! We will always have a selection of our previous themed Cartons available for purchase, and they usually ship within 2 business days!
We also offer a broad selection of your favorite comics, Silver Age to Modern. If we don't have it, we can probably get it. Have a bunch of comics to sell? Call or email us, we are happy to take a look at any collection, no matter the size! 
Check out our a la carte Goodies menu too - we are always adding new treats and sweets. We promise you this - our cake is NEVER a lie!