Cookie Cat!

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He's a frozen treat with an all new taste!
'cause he came to this planet from outer space!
A refugee of an interstellar war!
But now he's at your local grocery store!
Cookie Cat! He's a pet for your tummy!
Cookie Cat! He's super duper yummy!
Cookie Cat! He left his family behind!
Cookie Caaaaat!
OK, our version isn't exactly a frozen treat per se, but no one's stopping you from enjoying them frozen! Our rich chocolate butter cookie, filled with vanilla and strawberry buttercreams. Sold in packs of 3.

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Cookie Cat!
Sold in packs of 3 only
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5 of 5 stars super duper yummy!

i was so glad i bought one (it was too tempting how could i not? its too cute!) and it was so yummy! i plan on getting some for my friend for his birthday!

By: Nagito Dubhe Tuesday, October 3, 2017
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