Cookies. Lots of Cookies. We make a zillion cookies a year*, so we know cookies.


How It All Began...

Our Cantina Cookie enterprise started in 2009, when CPC (Certified Pastry Chef) Holly Maxwell decided to do something with her life. So she dutifully enrolled in culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta, to receive her Pastry Chef Certification. She excelled at baking, but craved something more. When the daily grind of 7+ farmer's markets a week finally got to be too much, an epiphany was born. It was the Summer of 2011, and our heroine was getting ready to purchase tickets to her favorite event of the year - DragonCon. This 4 day event changed history that year, and Cantina Comics & Cafe was born. 

DragonCon Year 1

Instead of attending the event as a party-goer and an "oooh I can't believe I spent so much money in the vendor hall" attendee, it suddenly crossed our fearless leader's mind that she could be selling her super cute pop culture cookies at DragonCon, instead of farmer's markets. Overnight a sensation was born - we quickly sold out of the 1500 cookies we took to DragonCon that year, and we vowed to our fans that we would be back next year. 

Expanding Our Brand

The following year we attended 12 or so small to medium sized comic book conventions, and eventually stopped doing farmer's markets all together. Geek culture is where we find ourselves at home, with the people who "get" us and who enjoy the same things we do. It's hard to sell edible brains to people who don't always have zombies on their minds, and how many times can one explain to a sweet grandmother who Harley Quinn is?

Expanding Too Far!

We found ourselves in 2014 attending more than 30 conventions, and have since dialed back the pace. Today, we attend quality events with high attendance, of which you can find listed in our FAQ's. 
Even though our in-person events have changed, Cantina Comics & Cafe has not. As always, you can find all of our sweet treats available online, with fast and secure shipping to anywhere in the world. 

Fresh, Wholesome Ingredients

Finally, some words about our treats. We use farm fresh eggs and organic ingredients when we can. All of our items are made to order, from scratch, in our certified shared kitchen. We are a small batch bakery, so if you order Pop Culture Butter Cookies on Monday, they will be baked and shipped the same week. Please allow extra time for actual production of your cookies and sweet treats - they take time to bake and decorate, and we will never ship anything that is less than perfect. Quality and freshness are important to us, and we hope you can tell when you receive your order!
Thanks for visiting us at the Cantina, where our comics are fresh and our cake is never a lie!
 *not actually true. Zillion is not a real number**
 **according to Google