Hot New Comics This Week and Why We Care, September 26 Releases

Sep 23

This week, the much anticipated Dark Horse comic based on the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, will hit comic book shelves and online retailers. This first mini series of 4 comics will finally show us what Will was doing all that time in the Upside Down. I always imagined he was just laying around in wet leaves, shivering and calling for his mom, but apparently he did enough stuff to make a 4 issue mini series comic book about it. 
Here's the standard cover for issue #1, as reported by Entertainment Weekly:
Now, if you were at San Diego Comic Con in July, you may have gotten a sneak peek into issue 1. If you weren't lucky enough to see it at SDCC, there was also an ashcan comic (for the unitiated, that's just a mini comic book) that came out in July as well - but each retailer only received 3 copies. However, they are currently selling online for as low as $3.99, so if you must have all the Stranger Things, get thee to Amazon (where it is also FREE for the Kindle Edition, for the savvy digital readers out there), or read it for free at the Dark Horse website.
So why do we think this book is going to be hot? Well, perhaps you missed the Netflix sensation that was Stranger Things. Season 1 was impossible not to love - as a child of the 80's it was a soothing balm of The Clash+Winona Ryder+The Goonies, all rolled into a pretty darn good story. And season 2 included all of that, PLUS an actual Goonie. THE actual Goonie Sean Astin (who will forever be known to me as "The Fat Hobbit" but that's food for another day). Stranger Things was a great story, no matter which decade you were born. 
 Why will this matter? With multiple covers to choose from, there will be some rare-ish variants hitting the shelves, including photo covers for each issue by Patrick Satterfield. The standard cover, above, is already pre-listed online at around $10, so if you didn't include these with your preorders you'll want to get to the comic book store early on Wednesday. We would expect the set of Stranger Things 1-4 will go up in value, especially with talks of a 2nd miniseries already in the works (focusing on Barb and her trials and tribulations in the Upside Down).
Bottom line? I'll bullet point for the kids in the back:
  • If you didn't watch Stranger Things, go do so now.
  • Get the comic. You won't regret it.


Get your main cover HERE
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What's that? You say you want the issue of X-Men the Stranger Kids are always going on about? We got you covered HERE


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